In BFFs After Party Dorm, the princesses hosted a great party last night. But now the whole room is a mess! Clean up the room before the girls get back from class. Gather up the bottles; place the clothes in the basket and dust. Now that everything looks neat, it’s time to decorate! Choose a cute bunk bed, a colorful desk and a fun bean bag. Match the furniture elements together and create the perfect room for your cute college students! Well, first of all you have to clean the messy room before they get back. Simply click where the hand shows you, and then once again where the hand shows you that that item needs to go. When all that is done, it is time to decorate the room however you want to, and we are sure the girls will love the new design you make. Simply use the buttons on the bottom of the game screen, clicking on each to change a different part of the room, changing them however you want to. Have fun!


How to play BFFs After Party Dorm:

Use the mouse to play

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