In Dora and Friends Legend of the Lost Horses, Dora and her two girlfriends, Alana and Nayla. The three girls are getting along very well and all because they are so similar one to another, they like participating in all kind of fun adventures Your task in this game is to help Dora and her friends round up the lost horses at Isla de los Caballos Perdidos. Before the bandits do, and then help them get back to Rancho Urbano safely. Dora and her friends are at Rancho Urbano for their school break. Where there aren’t any horses on the ranch because they ran away to Isla de los Caballos Perdidos. The Island of Lost Horses, to escape some bandits! Help Dora, Alana, and Naiya find the horses before the bandits do. Navigate Dora through the maze with the click of the mouse, while collecting as many carrots as you can along the way. You can pick up extra carrots when you go through the magic rainbow, which also adds more lights to Dora’s horse charm in the cave. Watch out for snakes, bandits, spider webs, and bats! Then help Dora and friends get out of the cave safely and get back home. Have fun!


How to play Dora and Friends Legend of the lost Horses:

Use the mouse to play

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