In Gravity Falls The Great Stanmobile Escape, Stan is an awful driver, but he enjoys this fact and goes out of his way to cause mayhem on the roads! You must help Stan avoid agent powers and cause as much chaos on the streets and roads as possible! You must collect wild animals; jump over ramps and smash into other vehicles and trailers – everything agent powers hates! As you drive you can collect power-ups that can give you a boost, shield your car from damage or repair your vehicle when it is damaged. You can also let bears drive your can and attempt to ram the police cars off the road! Watch your health bar and try not to damage your vehicle heavily – do have fun though and break the rules! As you progress you can unlock new outfits for Stan to make him look cool and funny! Escape with Stan today and evade agent powers! Have fun!


How to play Gravity Falls The Great Stanmobile Escape:

Use the e arrow keys to play

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