In Pirate Fairy Code, Zarina and the pirats have stolen the blue pixie dust which is a disaster because without it the Pixie Dust Tree can’t make Pixie Dust anymore so the fairies won’t be able to fly. And that’s a pretty serious thing. So Tinkerbell and all her friends, Iridessa, Vidia, Silvermist, Rosetta and Fawn. Flew to catch Zarina. But she did some magic with her pixie dust. And switched the fairies talents so now they are pretty confused. You must help them find the Blue Pixie Dust and bring it back to the Pixie Hollow. And also they need to get their talents back. So for this quest they really need each other, but they also need you. Solve words to help the Fairies find the Blue Pixie Dust and get their talents back! Have fun!

How to play Pirate Fairy Code:

Use the mouse to play

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